Happy Coupe Year!

Last night, I had a perfect New Year’s Eve.  And this, of course, involved champagne.

Apparently, you’re not meant to drink champagne from a saucer (a coupe).  The large area exposed to air means that the drink goes flat quickly and the precious aromas are lost too easily.  What you’re left with is a flat, flavourless drink.  Apparently.

But for me, champagne is about so much more than the science of carbon dioxide.  It’s about elegance and decadence.  It’s about drinking what feels like pure gold.  And what better way than to drink gold than from a bowl that makes you feel as though you’re in 1920?  



There was something so special about clinking these glamorous glasses at midnight.  They added to the evening in a way that a slightly fizzier drink just couldn’t have done. And anyway, mine didn’t seem to go flat.  Perhaps I didn’t give it enough time?

Drinking champagne from a flute is clearly very wonderful too.  But next time you have champagne (tonight, perhaps?), opt for a coupe.  Try to drink it before it goes flat though, just to keep the experts happy.




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