A special kind of double

The Brontes, the Bennets, the Boleyns, the Blythes, the Wakefields.

It seems that without sisters, there would be no books (well, no good ones, anyway). In fact, most of my favourite books have sisters at the core of their stories.

In books, sisters offer another intriguing perspective; a different version of the same story.  In life, they offer the same, plus if you’re lucky, some fabulous times and a friendship that will never break.


As you can see from the top of my pile of sister books, I couldn’t resist including a Sweet Valley High book.  These books show, simply and effectively, sisterhood: the twins are the same, but different.  These used to be my favourite books and still are in a strange, ‘I’m not doing very well at growing up’ kind of way.  They were the books that made me love reading and writing.  And who introduced me to them?

Yes, it was my sister.

Thanks sis! x


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