FIVE reasons why I love The Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Tower is 120 years old! And here’s why I love it…

Its dress sense
It went purple last year to support epilepsy. It was painted gold for its hundredth birthday. It’s had a giant King Kong model attached to it. It’s even worn the Pepsi logo. The Blackpool Tower knows how to accessorize.

Its ballroom
The Wurlitzer organ, the elegance, the dancing, the Strictly thing. Amazing.


Its endurance
Hitler wanted to save it. Millions of people have travelled to visit it. It has lived through two world wars, affluence and deprivation, popularity and ridicule, and some pretty strong seafront gales.

Its history
The Blackpool Tower’s striking Victorian architecture exudes the town’s history. Go into the iconic Tower Ballroom, look up, and see golden opulence, intricate decadence and a special past.

My history
My daughter adores watching The Blackpool Tower flashing in the darkness. I loved walking through the aquarium and going to parties at Jungle Jims in the 1980s. My mum used to stare up at the Tower and wish that it belonged to her when she was a child in the 1950s.

The Blackpool Tower has watched over Blackpool for 120 years. Here’s to another 120. Happy Birthday!








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