Wendy Lou Jones’s Perfect Day

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m so excited to have Wendy Lou Jones here today to chat about her perfect day…

Hi Wendy! Welcome to your perfect life. So, it’s morning. Where have you woken up?

I’m in a beautiful country house, somewhere in the sticks around Vancouver. (Went on a long trip there in my twenties – loved it: friendly people, nice city and not far from the fantastic Rocky Mountains.)

Okay: although it’s a perfect day, a woman’s still got to work! Dream job?

I’m the top forensic pathologist for the city. I get paid so well I have a pilot who brings me in by helicopter each morning. We land on the hospital roof top and I make my way down from there. Every day there’s a new selection of cases to deal with: murders, suicides and discovered bodies, all waiting for me to work out who they are and how they died. I may even be giving evidence in a court case, who knows?

You can choose as many items as you want to have with you at your perfect job. Are you going to surround yourself with luxury, or do you work best without distractions?

This is definitely a minimalist’s job. (Don’t want anything nice taking on the smell! :-/) I think I’ll save all the good stuff for back home. Here is where I get my job satisfaction and feel worthwhile. It’s a cross between anatomy and detective work – my two favourite things.

Who do you work with?

Well that is where I might have a tiny bit of luxury. I work with some great men and women in my team and we get on really well together, and if I’m lucky I might get a visit from the senior detective on the force about one of our cases, and he just happens to resemble Richard Armitage. 😀


Do your breaks involve coffee and gossip, jogs in the park, cake and a good book, or something else?

No, we get a case under our belt and then all adjourn down to a nearby cozy café and have a big fry-up and a natter.

Time flies when things are perfect…Your working day is over now, but your perfect life hasn’t ended yet! What’s happening when you get home?

When I land back home, it’s a clean house that greets me and a tasty meal almost cooked. My lovely housekeeper greets me and I wave her off and then, at last, I’m on my own. Time for a half hour’s peace and quiet before I freshen up, because my favourite detective just happens to be coming over for the evening and I want to be ready. What can I say? He’s gorgeous and he can’t get enough of me!

Your perfect day is over. You can keep one memento to remember it by. What is it?

Can I have the house? No, the helicopter. No, wait; can I keep the man? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe… the memory of his first kiss as I open the front door and he steps inside and gathers me into his arms. *sighs*

Amazing! Thanks, Wendy!

About By My Side…

Betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, Lena is left empty; trapped under a weight of guilt and loneliness. Then, at her lowest point and when she needs it most, a mysterious stranger comes into her life with a tale of friendship, family, and finding love in the most unexpected of places…

Katy Heath is definitely not thinking of love when she comes across consultant, Adam Elliott, berating some poor patient on the ward one day. In fact it is Dr Peter Florin who quickly has everyone’s hearts aflutter with his easy smiles and practised charm.

Yet Katy comes to realise that there’s more to Adam than his determination to push everyone away and it’s not long before she finds herself longing to reach out to touch the man within, healing the pain of his past.

As Lena is drawn into Katy’s story, she begins to learn – just as Katy does – that the course of true love never did run smooth.


About Wendy Lou Jones…

My name is Wendy Lou Jones. I was born and raised in West Sussex, England and moved to Birmingham to study Medicine at University, where I was lucky enough to meet my husband. We now live in a little village in Herefordshire with our two grubby boys. I discovered a love of writing not long after my youngest son started school. And if you were to ask me what it was that made me make the switch, I’d tell you quite simply, that it started with a dream.


Find out more… 


Website: http://www.wendyloujones.weebly.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/escapeintolove




5 thoughts on “Wendy Lou Jones’s Perfect Day

  1. Sod the house and the helicopter… keep the housekeeper!

    Actually I mean the hot detective, but then thought the cleaner was funnier.

    I don’t think I’d want to be a pathologist though… Too gruesome for me.

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