Sick, man.

It’s telling that my last post was way back in June. I do feel as though some other Hannah is back in summer 2014, waving at me, telling me it’s been too long. I found out I was pregnant with my second baby in July and began throwing up shortly after. I have hyperemesis gravidarum, or ‘the same as Kate Middleton’, to give it its proper name. Now bear with me, because I know that I want to roll my eyes and let out a low growl as soon as somebody starts rattling on about their oh-so-interesting ‘condition’. So I won’t rattle on for long. Just let me say that this strange, horrible sickness is way more than sickness, and that generally, people do not understand it. I missed 7 weeks of work in the beginning because I couldn’t stand up without being sick. Nausea woke me up in the night. I couldn’t even watch people kissing on Pretty Little Liars because the thought of any kind of contact with others made me, well, sick. There were about three or four months where it was quite unbearable.

Now, at 34 weeks pregnant, I am still being sick most days, but I basically have it under control. I am so nearly there. And I’ve actually had it pretty easy. I know many HG sufferers are essentially on bedrest for the whole of the 9 months. Some literally cannot endure it, and sadly are left wondering if they can continue with their pregnancies. I’m lucky that I’ve had so much support, and that my daughter, at almost 4, is great at playing independently at those times when I can do nothing but lie on the sofa trying not to think of garlic. I have about six weeks to go until I meet Amazing Daughter #2 – I am beyond excited. As long as she is healthy, I absolutely do not care about the ridiculous amount of sickness. I’ve now finished work and am LOVING maternity leave. Now that I have a little more time, and my epic pregnancy is drawing to a close, I feel as though summer ’14 Hannah (who doesn’t feel sick, and is wearing skinny jeans and thinking of 7pm wine) is closer than she looks…and she has another little BFF. Bring it on.


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